Florence and The Machine Concert

Florence and The Machine are doing their European tour at the moment, and yesterday their conceert was in Paris. As I’m a huge fan, I had. to. go. And I did. I bought my tickets I think in September already, and I’m so glad I did. I heard from friends, who realized too late they wanted to go, that tickets were retailing more than double the amount I paid for it!

Anyways, I had an absolute blast, and everything was amazing! Florence is such a great performer, and oh gosh the dress she was wearing was amazing! Unfortunately my iPhone camera couldn’t really take nice pictures, the ones where I zoomed in were so blurry that I just deleted them. I’m telling you: she’s even better live, believe me. Not only a fashion muse, but also a musical legend!

Do you like Florence and The Machine, 

and are you planning to visit a concert of theirs?