Mini Review Series – Klorane Shampoo

When I was in Rouen for a few days, I went to a pharmacy there to see if there were any bits we didn’t have in Paris, and to see whether it was much cheaper or not – too bad the prices were basically the same. I did pick up 3 travel-size Klorane shampoos! I’ve been meaning to try their shampoos for a long, long while now (even before I went to Paris), and I just didn’t purchase any, as my hair is very sensitive, and gets oily very fast. So you can imagine that these travel-size goodies were shouting my name;-)

I doubt that you guys are waiting for a full review per shampoo, so I figured to just put a mini review of all three shampoos in one post.

Shampoo with Citrus Pulp

So this is my least favorite one. Why? My hair/scalp just didn’t react well to this. It said “purity and vitality” on the tube, and said for normal to oily hair, so I thought this would be a great fit for me. In fact, my hair was oily the next afternoon already (I was my hair in the evenings)! Didn’t really break my heart that it didn’t fit my hair, as I hated how it smelled. Not fresh, and citrusy at all. Cannot even describe the scent, I just know I didn’t like it.

Shampoo with Papyrus Milk

This one is actually my fave, and I’m planning to pick this up next time I’m going to the pharmacy (which will be soon, as my mum gave me a never ending list of stuff to get her). As it mentioned that it is “nourishing and smoothing”, I wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea. Especially as it said it was for dry and unruly hair. Stubborn me just took it with me as I thought the color was pretty, and it was just a travel-size, so it wouldn’t break my heart if it didn’t work out. I am so glad I did. It smells very, very nice, and I can really feel that it is nourishing. My hair feels very soft, and smooth after washing my hair, and it just keeps my hair clean! I try to wash my hair every other day, and with this shampoo it’s actually possible – it’s a miracle.

Shampoo with Mango Butter

I haven’t tried this shampoo as long as the other two, but I can say that I quite like it. The smell is nice, you really can smell that it’s mango. So if you hate mangos, don’t use this shampoo;-) It is described as a “nourishing and hydrating” shampoo, for dry hair – not really in my alley like I said before. Though I don’t like it as much as I like the one with Papyrus Milk, I am considering getting this one as well, just to alternate the shampoos. Gives not a greasy feel after a day, and makes my hair not heavy, which I’m most afraid for. As I have quite thick hair (kinda, after 2 months of Paris the thickness is reducing), I don’t need my hair products to weigh my hair down. 

These travel-sizes are good for 3 to 4 times shampooing for those with long/thick hair, I guess for those with thinner, or short hair you could even double the usage, as you don’t need much. 

Have you ever tried Klorane shampoos, or are you interested in trying them?