Miscellaneous Haul

As many of you probably know (or maybe don’t), I arrived home last Saturday. With home I mean my parental house, back in good ‘ol Holland. It’s been a bit colder here than in Paris, so thats a bit of a down point, but despite that, I’m glad I’m home. Though it does feel different, because of some reconstruction in the bathroom, attic, rooftop, hallway, it does feel like home.

I flew back home via Charles de Gaulle, the biggest airport in France. I was so anticipating for the tax-free shopping part, that I even left my apartment earlier to have some extra spare time to stroll down the shops. Because I know last time when I just had 45 minutes at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), I didn’t have enough time. Coming there I was already delayed because first they were afraid that there was a bomb because some idiot left a bag unattended. Then I accidentally packed 7kg too much in my suitcase (the max was 23kg), so I had to take the luggage out, and carry it myself. That was horrible. Still feeling the muscles in my arms ache as I type. Despite all that, I was still determined, and stoked to start shopping. Until I saw the actual beauty store. Jeez, it’s the most disappointing airport shopping terminal I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to quite a few. To keep a rant short, couldn’t find anything I was looking for, or it wasn’t in my shade, or they didn’t even carry the brand.

When I was just browsing, and killing time (arrived too early remember) I swatched a Chanel concealer on my hand, and applied it to the slowly appearing redness on my chin. My reaction: shocked. Great matte, but not too matte, finish. Had to get that. Stayed on for a good few 6 hours. Will try it for a bit longer, and definitely review this baby!

A little while ago, I ordered a cute little bracelet from nelly.com a while ago when I received a €10 coupon because they caused some delay on my previous order. When I saw this I was sold. I’m loving rose gold, and have been looking for a cutesy string bracelet for a while now. Didn’t have to blink twice when I ordered this, and I immediately could use up my coupon. Isn’t the cat face cute?

So yes, as my arms are really killing me, I’ll keep the post like this. Expect a good, decent beauty haul from me coming when I arrive back in Paris. I know what to expect from Schiphol’s duty-free section, so yes… Ready to plunge my bank account ha ha!

Have you been buying beauty products/accessories lately?