Oh My Wardrobe!

So lately I have been really focusing on writing cover letters (oh well… in email format), looking for internships, and applying for internships. It is so much fun looking for an internship honestly, but it is also very hard work, and quite energy absorbing. I have found quite some nice companies where I’d like to intern at. I’m mainly focusing on companies in either the States or London, England.

I actually received a very positive reply from a big, worldwide woman’s beauty/fashion/lifestyle magazine based in NYC, and they offered a placement for Spring 2013 to me… if I was an US citizen. Booo. It sucks, because it was the first internship I applied for, and actually one of the places I was most excited about. But I’m not letting this setback stopping me from achieving my dream job. Or well, dream placement.

You must be wondering why I keep talking about my internship, when you expect something about clothing. Well, I’m getting there hun;-) As I want to work in the fashion, beauty or lifestyle industry, an appropriate wardrobe needs to come with it. While applying, and searching for internships I really started to panic because of my own wardrobe. I mean, I know I don’t look like a slob. But honestly, I feel my outfits are way to casual for office wear. Though I don’t want to wear black blazers all day long (nothing wrong with that though), I’m just looking for something that is classy, sophisticated, mature, trendy, and yet casual at the same time. I know I don’t ask much.

Lately I’ve been stalking the ZARA web shop, and I have found so many nice things there. It’s getting real bad. Why? I think if I’d add all the things I’d like to have in that nifty online basket, and check out, I’d max out my credit card. No really, I do need a wardrobe update, and have been really trying to find nice pieces that fit into my criteria, which are not too expensive. I also convinced my mum that we really need to change, and add some items to my clothing collection, to make it more office appropriate.

Will keep you dolls updated on my internship hunt, and if I have more news, 

you guys will be one of the first to know!