Review: Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo

I got this travel-size shampoo a while ago, and also mentioned in a haul post. So I’ve tried it for a few weeks now and I can say that I like the product, and the brand. Would I repurchase this one, or get the entire set? No. Let me elaborate on that.

The Ojon damage reverse collection is for very dry, damaged hair. Of course I know that I don’t have very dry hair, but I did get very damaged hair since I’ve been in Paris. I honestly don’t know why – I wish I knew – but it’s been very dry at the ends (more than ever), and also my hair is getting very thin. I used to have very thick hair, but I can say after 2,5 months of living here I lost about 50% of my hair. No kidding.

But going back to the shampoo, it contains Ojon Oil, which I suppose is something very nourishing for the hair. I love how it lathers up, and smells. It makes my hair feel super soft, and very voluminous, but only the first day. The next day when I wake up, I wash my hair in the evening or noon by the way, you can already spot the oil in my roots from a meter away. Drama, and double yikes! So yes, it’s a great shampoo, and I honestly believe that it did something for the ends of my hair, as it is very nourishing. I’d definitely recommend trying out the line when you have normal to dry hair. If you have roots that tend to get oily fast, do keep away from this. 😉

Have you ever tried anything from Ojon before?