Topshop Lipstick ‘Brighton Rock’

Recently I discovered that Colette was carrying a few bits from the Topshop make up range, and of course I had to snap up at least one thing. I was most interested in their lipsticks, and their creamblushes. Just decided to stick with one lipstick first, to see how I liked it. But now I’m sure I’ll  definitely go back, and snap up some more Topshop make up goodies!

The lipstick ‘Brighton Rock’ is a bright pink. For me it’s not a color I’d wear on a daily basis, especially now in the winter. Though I’ve been enjoying this when going out, as it really brightens up my face, and I love a good pop of color. I do like to put it on rather thick, let it be for a minute, and then softly wipe it off my lips with a tissue. The color that is stained on my lips is gorgeous, and really subtle. Perfect for uni, groceries, or something else that doesn’t require an obvious face of make up;-)

The formula is smooth, and quite moisturizing. I’d say the color stays put on the lips for quite a long time, though you’ll see your lipstick stain on your cup, or food. Though it’s not really surprising with lipsticks (that’s why I love lip stains more!).

Have you ever tried any Topshop lipsticks, and which one should I get next?