“Who The Hell Is Joelle?!?”

Some of you might know that I’m a huge tech-junkie (beside my full-time job being a shopaholic, and beauty freak;-). Today I’ll be introducing an up and coming illustrator, and designer from the Netherlands named Joelle Boers.

Joelle describes herself as a real fashion addict, who has an edgy and hippie chic style. She shares a love for illustrating and photography, and is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht. Since she’s graduated, she’s been working hard to put out her own label out as textile designer. She started to work at different companies, got her products sold at certain concept stores in the Netherlands, and got more well-known with each step she took.

Her design philosophy is to make designs that represent her, and she’s mostly inspired by nature, insects, native patterns from wolves to dead birds. This we can clearly see in her newest line “I See Covers”, which I’ll be introducing to you guys today. It’s a smartphone cover line she created because she couldn’t find one to her taste to suit her iPhone 5.

Guys I have to say, these covers look amazeballs! You can really see the inspiration by nature, and her graphic design background. All covers are limited edition designs, and available for the iPhone 4(S), iPhone 5, and Galaxy S3. I just have three words to say: I. Need. These. Interested? These babies are possible to order here. Though I’m not sure if they ship outside of the Netherlands (sorry foreign readers!), do take a look at her Facebook page where she’s holding a giveaway. And yes, you guessed it – you can win one of the cases there. The only thing you need to do is like the page;-)

What do you think about Joelle’s “I See Covers” line? 


*this is my first post I’m writing as a blogger from the Suckerpunch PR community. I was asked to write a little piece about Joelle’s new “I See Covers” line. All thoughts, and opinions are my own. I’m in no way compensated for this post.