7 Things I’ve Been Loving (December 2012)

It’s almost the end of the month, thus time for my monthly favorites. Can’t believe it’ll be the last one this year already! The bits are a bit of a mix this month, very random. Varying from face to hands, to lips to nails to something totally beauty unrelated.

Marc Jacobs Lola Rollerball | €20

I absolutely adore all Marc Jacobs fragrances (the man himself is a genius), so this rollerball fragrance is the best thing ever. I’m not the person to lug around full size perfume bottles – never have, but do love smelling lovely. It’s great for going out, and to just pop it in my purse/clutch. The staying power is nice, lasts quite a while, and it’s a very feminine, yet “young” scent. Not too sweet, not too heavy, just perfect.

MAC Lipstick ‘Plumful’ | €18.50

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this name poppin around some blogs lately. It’s a gorgeous plummy color, great for autumn winter! It’s MAC’s lustre formula, and very moist and glossy. Color wise it’d say it is very close to NARS Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, it’s just not matte, and not as drying.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover | €9

I won’t spend much time talking about this product as I’ve done an entire post about it. Simply have been using it loads, and will definitely continue using it!

Burt’s Bees Lemongrass Cuticle Cream | €7.79 (now €5.84)

Ditto. Have to stretch that I lurrve the lemongrass smell!

Bepanthen | €8

In the winter I suffer from very dry hands, and my skin becomes very sensitive. I’ve gotten red patches, dry spots, and just irritated skin because of the cold air. I just pop this on the patch, let it sink in, and it’s all better. Repeat when it feels itchy again. I also have a few pocket sizes which are in my pencil case, make up bag, and just in the front pocket of the bag I’m carrying at the moment.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush ‘Spicey’ | €18.85 (now €15.08) 

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned these before on my blog. I got two of ’em, and definitely will continue getting more colors as these are genius! They really stay on the entire day/night, don’t budge, and have the most flattering, natural, and gorgeous colors. Spicey is very subtle, has a very natural shimmer in it, and is a peachy/pink shade. Basically looks like a natural blush, but better.


You’ve probably noticed me mentioning this website loads lately. That’s because I cannot say anything bad about it. Alright maybe I do. But that’s only regarding the stock level on some items (gone is gone), and the return policy (no free returns). Besides that, I’m one happy camper.

What have you been loving lately?