Exams, Moving, and Internship Rambles

image courtesy of rynneshak.com

Yesterday was my last class this semester, this school year actually. Can’t believe that this semester went by so fast in Paris, it’s kinda scaring me. Tomorrow I’ll start with my exams, I have 5 in total, which is squeezed into 4 days. I’ve been working on 3 different projects for the past few weeks, and had to pull some all-nighters this week to finalize everything, and make it perfect. Handed everything in yesterday, so now I can focus on studying. I probably won’t have much time to write any blogposts next week, but I’ll do my best to at least pop one, or two posts!

As my semester ends next week Thursday, it means that I’ll move back to the Netherlands that same weekend. Really will miss Paris, but glad to go home for Christmas, and New Years to spend time with my family and friends. Won’t have much time to relax, or stay home, because I’ll move to my next destination where my internship is!

Initially I wanted to go to NYC, I mean… who doesn’t? But things didn’t all work out, and it just took too long to get things confirmed, so I decided to open up, and apply to companies in London, UK as well. At this point my placement in London is almost confirmed by my uni, which means I’ll be spending the rest of the year in England! So motivated, and enthusiastic about my coming 6 months there, can’t wait to explore the British lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and just everything that comes with the life there. Though I don’t think I can appreciate bacon and eggs at 8 o clock in the mornings…

Just wanted to share this exciting news with you lovelies! I’ve been apartment hunting these past few days, but if you happen to be a Londoner: please do advise me on which areas are the best to live in. My internship will be in Chelsea, so I’d rather live close to that area :-). Tips are always welcome!

Have a lovely Sunday!