Marvis Toothpaste – Worth the Splurge?

Marvis toothpaste retails approximately for €9, depending on where you buy it

I’ve used this for the past two months now, and as the tube is almost empty I thought it’d only be fair to do a review about it. I purchased the whitening version. I’ll be very blunt, the product doesn’t really make me all rambly about it. After the first two days I saw dramatic results, and my teeth were really (italic) whiter. After that I didn’t see any result or difference anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great toothpaste that makes me feel clean, and that has a great mint taste to it (I need a toothpaste with a heavy mint taste, so I feel clean ;-). Also the packaging is amazing. I mean: look at it. A vintage-ish looking tube, also available in different colors (which stand for the different ingredients/tastes).

But as only the taste, and packaging are the positive factors for me, I wouldn’t repurchase this. It’s simply not worth the extra pennies spend on the toothpaste in my opinion.

Have you ever tried Marvis toothpaste or are you planning to try it?