Review: Avène Eau Thermale

I’ve been really enjoying this product, even though this wasn’t featured in my November favorites post. I made a rule to only list 7 things, and I have to keep my word, otherwise the list is never ending ;-). So to show you what an amazing product this is, a short review about the product.

Some of you might remember me reviewing the Evian Facial Water Spray, that was such a raved up product back in the day, and to me it didn’t do anything. Though this is also a similar product, I actually can feel the difference when sprayed on.

I really like the way the mist is sprayed over the skin, I can’t really describe it, but the spray itself is different than the Evian one, or any other spray product. It allows the product to be distributed well over the skin, and doesn’t tighten up the skin. Though this certainly isn’t something that should replace your moisturizer, ever, it’s great for a pick me up after a day of hard work. Sometimes when I have had make up on all day, I just blot with either a tissue, or my blotting papers, and then spray this on. My make up looks better, and I just get an instant boost, just like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

There is no scent to this, and suitable for all skin types. Is this a staple in everyones skincare routine? No. Do I recommend you getting this? Hell to the yes. It’s not a product that you absolutely need to have (unlike primer, moisturizers, toners, etc. etc.), but if you have the money for it, just try it out. It’s not expensive, and has 3 different sizes. I got the 150 ml for around €5.

Have you ever tried Avène Eau Thermale, and what did you think of it?