Review: Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer

I featured this product in a previous haul, and favorite post a while ago, and have worn it every day – literally.

It’s a very lightweight, rather matte (but non-drying) concealer. I have combination/oily skin, and it stays on me perfectly the entire day. It’s a great overall concealer, I love it for the redness on my chin, around the nose, slight hyperpigmentation on the cheeks, and the odd pimple. As it is non-drying it doesn’t flake around the pimple (if it happens to be a bit dry), and is long-lasting even without powdering it.

I tried it as under-eye concealer, but I prefer my Laura Mercier Undercover pot over this one. Though it does a good job concealing the area(medium coverage), I have the lightest one of the yellow undertones (20), so it doesn’t work as good as a pinked toned concealer. It’s the usual story: pink combats the dark purple color we have under the eye, etc. etc. ;-).

The packaging is nothing special, or extraordinary. Just the usual ‘lipgloss’ concealer packaging, with the sponge tip applicator. It’s plastic, and the body is matte, showing the color of the product. The color of this concealer matches my skintone perfectly. Though it might look scary on the swatch, it’s very blendable, and do keep in mind that it’s swatched at the part of my arm which is lighter than my face.

It may sound weird, but when applied, the concealer gives a soft look. Almost velvety if that makes sense. The result is very natural, and you barely can spot that you have concealer on at all! The product is available in 6 colors in the States, and UK, and 3 colors in the rest of Europe. The colors range from really pink to dark orange-ish, and retails for approximately $40, £26, €33 respectively.

Have you tried this concealer before, and what are your thoughts on it?