7 Things I’ve Been Loving (January 2013)

This year’s first monthly favorites. Gosh, this month has flown by so quickly it’s unreal! I returned from Paris at the end of December, and now I’m about to leave home at the end of January. Crazy life, I know! Won’t chit-chat about me moving in this post too much, will do that in my next WIBU post :-). Most of you will know that it has been pretty snowy in Europe, so there are some products that have helped me to keep the moisture in my skin.

CAUDALIE HUILE DIVINE: This oil smells amazing, I’m really addicted to how it smells. Utterlydivine, literally. It’s an all-purpose oil, which means you can use if for almost everything. I use it on my arms, legs, hands, ends of my hair, and I tried it on my face. Wouldn’t recommend using it during the day, though it is a dry oil. I tried it a few times as a replacement of my evening moisturizer. Though it didn’t break me out, I’d prefer my moisturizer over this oil on my face. The packaging is fab, it comes in a glass bottle with a spray, and it has a wooden cap. Looking great on the bedside table!

BALENCIAGA FLORABOTANICA: I got this fragrance from my mum during Christmas, and I love it so much. I’m the worst in describing scents, but it’s just so fresh and sophisticated at the same time. I recommend everyone taking a sniff next time you go to a dept. store! It sure is a bit on the pricey side, but you won’t need to spritz on a lot, as the scent stays on for a long time, and is very subtle (as in: people won’t smell you coming in, in the bad way ;-). And have to say that the bottle is really growing on me.

DIPTYQUE FIGUER CANDLE: One of their best-sellers, and oh boy, I know why. Even for the fig-beginners, just like moi, it’s a great candle. It’s very calming, homey scent. I got this as a goodbye-gift from my internship at truly yours last summer, and have been sparingly burning this gem. It’s so precious to me for many reasons! The scent lingers in the room, and is not overly heavy if that makes sense. My dad hates me burning candles as he hates the scents of all candles… except this one! Guess that says a lot about the scent too.

CLARINS HYDRAQUENCH CREAM-MASK: Have been using this mask for ages, and repurchased it twice. Love, love, love this. Cannot say anything bad about this. I just put this on my skin after cleansing it, and leave it on for sometimes even an hour. I know it is a 15 min mask, but sometimes I just like to put it on for a bit longer. The cream mask is a thick cream, but it feels light on the face. It’s so moisturizing, and plumps up my skin immediately. Would be a great one to use on long-haul flights as well, as this dries up almost translucent, so people won’t stare at you weirdly (… compared to sheet/clay masks for example ;-).

YVES SAINT LAURENT LE TEINT TOUCHE ECLAT: I cannot believe I haven’t picked this one up earlier! It’s a very nice light-medium coverage foundation, which does not look cakey on the skin at all. It feels very lightweight on the skin, and does not cling around dry patches if you have them. Combination-oily girls: don’t be afraid if you are afraid to look like a grease ball, because you won’t! It’s not as dewy as I expected when I read all the reviews online. Looks really natural, just like second skin. My mum even thought I didn’t wear anything, and she even knows when I’m wearing a tinted moisturizer. Must-have!

NUXE REVE DE MIEL CHAP STICK: This is the most amazing balm I’ve tried out so far, and believe me, I have an entire lipbalm collection that will blow your mind. I adore the version in the little pot as well, but I only use that when I’m at home. When commuting, or just being out and about, I prefer to use chap sticks because it’s more hygienic. The idea of putting my greasy fingers in the tub, and then applying it to my lips – yikes. Maybe I’m a bit OCD about that, but I just don’t like the idea of literally putting bacteria on my lips. The formula is lovely, and tick but not heavy if that makes sense. It is very moisturizing, without being over glossy, which makes it a lovely base product.

YVES SAINT LAURENT GLOSSY STAIN: I love this product to pieces, seriously one of the best lip products I’ve ever used. A stain that is glossy, and stays put for the entire day (or well… a very long part of it). This is my second one, and I’ve been using #11 all the time. You can apply it thick for a good red lip, but also when you just put a bit on the lip and buff it in real good, it becomes a natural reddish lip color. Simply gorgeous, and if I had the money, I’d buy them all!

What products have you been loving this month?