An Unplanned Haul #2

Yesterday morning I had to run some errands, and had to go to the city centre. I went to buy some boring, but daily necessities, and hopped into H&M to get a pack of bobby pins. When I was there, I strolled around the left-overs from the sale section, and stumbled upon a big floppy hat. Fell in love immediately. Absolutely adore it, spot me rocking this hat here where you can also spot my new hairdo. Please do follow me on Instagram and twitter to not miss these amazing updates, ha!

Then went into the bookstore where I still had some credit, when I saw Italian Vogue with the stunning Fei Fei on it I had to take it. Also bought myself a pack of Neon Stabilo Highlighters. I absolutely love these. They are definitely my favorite, and have been using these ever since I started high school. Was actually looking for a good cook book with quick, and simple recipes, but couldn’t find one unfortunately. Let me know if you know a nice one, which really is not too complicated.

I’m most excited by my Jil Sander SUN Sorbet purchase. It’s an eau de toilette, which means it’s a rather fresh scent. Compared to many others, the smell lingers a long time, which I love. I got the 100ml one for a great deal. I was already stressing myself out which fragrance to bring to London with me, as I can’t bring all my bottles with. So glad I found this one, as it’s a great every day scent. The bottle is a chunky, square-ish one. And girls… it’s pink!

Have you been doing some unplanned shopping trips?