London Update, Mini Haul

I’m back from London again. The trip was very successful as I’ve (finally) found myself a room – yay! Gosh it was worth spending a week on Spareroom, and stalking the site 12/7. Feels like I haven’t blogged in ages, but here I am, back on track baby! 

As my main focus, and goal was to find a proper room in my trip, I didn’t have that much time left for shopping the sales. Did try to go to Oxford Street, and pop into a few stores I met along the way. Only made it through half the street, didn’t have the time to walk it through *sob, sob*.  My hotel was in Kensington (Olympia), really close to Shepherd’s Bush where there was an amazing mall, Westfields. Did visit it, and couldn’t really go through the entire centre, but did have my lunch there (twice), and made use of the free wifi service ;-).

Didn’t get a lot of exciting new things, because one) I just didn’t have the time to spend hours on shopping, and believe me: you need the hours to sort through everything. And two) the exchange rate from euros to pounds are no kidding. The euro is so freakishly low that it breaks my heart every time I get something. 20 pounds doesn’t sound much, but when converting the money back to euros, it quickly adds up to a whoppin’ 29 euro. Despite the crappy currency rate, I couldn’t refrain myself from going into Selfridge’s for a little while (seriously only spend 15 minutes in there, was afraid I’d walk away with spending a fortune there), and of course walked out with a little yellow bag, carrying a travel-size Origins Modern Friction.

I also popped into WH Smith to look at some books, seriously it’s so much cheaper than in the Netherlands. I came out with the first three books of the Donnovan Creed series from John Locke – Lethal People, Lethal Experiment, and Saving Rachel (they were reduced by half the price each, would be crazy if I didn’t get them all three right?). Started with the first part, and am hooked! I also got the British ELLE. A store not to skip is obviously Primark. I didn’t get many items, as I just quickly skimmed through the sales racks. I can get the regular priced items anytime I want right ;-). So walked out with a stack of 6 rings, a statement necklace of angel wings, and a blouse with bird print on it.

Have you ever been shopping in London, and how’d you like it?