No One Says No To Chanel

Yes you guessed it right, I went shopping again. I know I’ve been spamming you guys with hauls lately (I figured you guys don’t really mind as those are my most popular posts), but it’s all an investment. Next week I’ll start my new job as an internship in a boutique PR agency in London, so that comes with a nice new wardrobe I’d say. Well, not entirely new – I wish, but I had to get a bit more formal, yet casual clothing. Aside from my comfy, casual, sometimes a bit oversized/slouchy tops.

Anyhow, today’s haul isn’t about clothing, nope it’s about beauty. I went to The Hague (Den Haag for Dutchies) yesterday with my mum to do some shopping, and as I still had a gift card with some credit left from de Bijenkorf (big department store), I figured I should swing by. Before walking in, I already had my mind determined on the product I wanted to walk out with: Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation. I received a sample in this month’s ELLE UK, and have been loving the foundation so much. Didn’t think I’d love it actually, but it’s amazing. Have squeezed every drip of the sample, and I just knew I had to get this before I’d leave for London. So I did. 

Went there, got my shade (B30), paid, and got samples. The most generous SA from Chanel I’ve ever met. Those ladies are always so prickly! She gave me a sample of Vitalumière Aqua (have that one full-size already; not so exciting), a mini mascara, and gave my mum two miniature moisturizers. As I said, loveliest person I’ve ever met. Will try it for a bit longer, and then it’s obviously review time ;-).

Have you ever tried Chanel Perfection Lumière?