Dior Nude BB Cream

Today I’ll be reviewing the newest BB cream to the Dior family, Dior Nude BB Cream. Last summer Dior brought out their first BB cream in their Hydra Life line, which I totally adore. The only down point was that it was only suitable for me in summer, as the color was too dark. Quite stoked that they brought out a newer one, with a few shades on top of that, a total of 3! 001 for the pink/rosy undertones, 002 for the yellow undertones, and 003 for the darker complexions (yellow/orange toned).

I got shade 002, which is a teeny tiny bit too dark for me in winter, but I think I can pull it off in early spring. It has light to medium coverage. The color doesn’t oxidize as much as other (Korean) BB creams do, and the finish is quite lovely. It gives you a matte finish, but still gives a luminous look to the skin – without looking like a grease ball.

The packaging is great, I love the squeezy tube with the pump! Very hygienic, travel-friendly, and you won’t waste product by squeezing out too much. The tube is rosy with silver lettering, which I adore. It screams girly, and luxury to me. No complains concerning the packaging ;-).

I’m a combination/oily type of gal, so had to blot a few times. No touch ups though. The BB cream does hold up quite long. I think I had it on for about 8/9 hours, and still looked fine (after a few times of blotting through the day). Have tried it together with powder, which was a tad better – still had to blot. They did launch a fixing powder together with this BB cream, which was specially designed to use on top of the BB cream. Haven’t tried it yet, so no idea whether it’d look better (or worse) than any other powder. What I’m not really fond of is the consistency of the BB cream. The consistency of their Hydra Life BB cream is runny, but has great coverage, and is very light-weight on the skin. Their Nude BB cream is a bit thicker, thus a bit harder to work into the skin. That’s about it honestly. It’s a good BB cream, one of the better ones I’ve tried, however I’m still on the hunt for my “HG” (i.e. Holy Grail) product.

Have you tried this BB cream yet, if not would you like to try it?



Image courtesy of Dior, as I mentioned before: I accidentally deleted all my pictures from my camera.