Ways To Fight Acne #1 | Diet

Some of you might remember the post a long while back about my acne story. In there I promised to also share my story concerning how exactly I “got rid” of it. I actually wanted to do one full post, and give you tips and tricks on how and what I did. However, the more I was planning to write the post, the more things came into my mind. I just figured it’d be impossible to put all that info in one post. Or well, that’d be a hell of a big one!

I am very sensitive to acne, so even right now when my skin has improved so much, I’m still very careful with everything. I basically got acne from everything, but the main problems were diet, lifestyle, and skincare, and there of course are other facts. I’ll separate the posts per topic, and the first post is about diet changes. Now I want to put a disclaimer out first: I’m in no way a skincare/acne expert. All this is based on my own experiences, trial and errors, and research. Something that might work for me, or affects me, might not affect you at all.

I know that there are many “scientific reports” claiming that food won’t affect acne, and that fried food, and chocolate are not the reason for acne. Wrong. It so is, for me, that is. So when you know that you feel a spot coming up after that chocolate bar, you know that you can’t eat it, or eat it every once in a while. It’s important to know what causes your acne, and a way to know that is through face mapping. I wrote a blog post about that, and it would really help getting to the core of the problem. After you located what, and where the source is of your acne problem, Google can be your best friend. You have to know what can “fix” or well… better said, improve your skin – we’re talking only food right now. A rule I take real seriously, and live by is beauty has to start from the inside. This means inner beauty, and removing all the toxic from your body to let your beautiful skin shine through.

It’s also proven that dairy can affect your skin in a bad way. I’m allergic to dairy (milk, yoghurt, and that kind of jazz) so I stopped drinking it until I was 15. So I can’t say if it works or not. I do know many people who cut dairy out of their diet saw improvements in their skin, and saw less or no blemishes after a while. A thing that is proven to improve your skin when done, is drinking water. It is so important that you drink a lot of water, every day. When you drink water, you give your body the chance of cleansing you, but from the inside. I can see the difference when I drink a lot of water a day, and on a day where I haven’t drank as much water. Also, dry skin can result in early wrinkles!

My list of favourite fruits/veggies (in random order) to eat for skin detox/cleansing/improvement, or just as healthy snacks are:

LemonS: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really eat these. I have a stack in my fridge, and when I wake up, I just go to the kitchen, cut the lemon, and squeeze some lemon juice in my cup of water (lukewarm is the best to drink every morning, 2 cups if possible!). If you’re a bit too lazy for that, you can buy drink-ready lemon juice (the pure juice) in the supermarket. The fresher the better though!

Berries: The best, most famous, and most-yummy antioxidant rich fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, goji berries, and açai berries are all berries that are full of antioxidants. What does it do? It defences our body from harmful free radicals, and oxidative stress. Oh and also, it helps with rebuilding the cells of the body, and keep your cells functioning and healthy longer. Other fruits that do the same, but didn’t fit in the berries list: black cherries, purple plums, and pomegranate get the job done too ;-).

GRAPEs: Grapes are great antioxidants, but it does so much more than just that. Grapes are effective for constipation, and gives relief in piles. It prevents skin dryness, and it purifies the blood. You can also squash some grapes, and make a DIY face pack – is proven that it may reduce hyper pigmentation too! 
raw nuts: It provides your body with the essential fatty acids. I’m obviously not talking about the salted nuts, stray away from those darling! All kinds of nuts have different kinds of great results for your skin. Just grab a handful everyday as a snack, and try to have a handful in the morning too.

Sweet potatoes: Great for digestion, increases antioxidants in your body, which increases the ability to absorb free radicals, which results in better looking skin. Also is a great veggie for digestion, and just yummy to have as a snack during the day (just boil it in a pan of water for a while, prick in it to see if it’s soft inside, and you’re ready to eat).

KIWIS: A great source of vitamin C, K, potassium, and phrosphorus. One kiwi contains about 71 percent of the recommended daily intake for adults. It can enhance your immune system, helping your body ward off bacterial and viral infections (inflammation on spots people?). It also helps your body produce serotonin, and norepinephrine, which basically are chemicals that relieve stress, and depression, all thanks to good ‘ol vitamin C!

GrapefruitS: It’s just like the kiwi, a great source of vitamin C. Also is good for your digestion, and when you’re on a diet. Don’t eat/drink it too much, as that may do more harm than good for your body.

(Dried) figS: It’s high in fibers, which means it’s good for your digestion, and good for your skin/body. Also, it may reduce the risk of heart disease.

dried apricotS: A rich source of iron, and beta carotene. Eat a handful everyday as a snack for more radiant looking skin.

AVOCADOS: It contains healthy fats, can even replace the butter on your sandwich. It’s a very good source of fibers, and contains lots of great vitamins. I guess we all know that avocados are great for the hair too. 

PapayaS: Is not only a delicious fruit itself, just like all the other foods on the list (I’m a food lover you know ;-), but also is an enzyme that aids digestion. When you have bad digestion, it may result in spots – refer to my face mapping post for more detail. Plus, papaya cleanses the body completely, it delays ageing of the skin, and aids in maintaining the health of the skin because of its high level of vitamin A. Did I already mention that when applied raw juice externally, it may help to cure pimples, and also reduce wrinkles?

Remember that what you eat does reflect on your skin. Results won’t come in a day or two, so be patient. If you do it right, you’ll see improvements after the first week already. Continue, and you’ll see the result you’ve been wishing for – trial and error baby. And most importantly: keep that water comin’!

Do you still struggle with acne?