What I’ve Been Up To #1 – Hi, Bob!

I haven’t been feeling well lately, hence the lack of posts lately. I’m just a bit stressed out, and just really tired. My skin hasn’t been the best because of my horrible lifestyle the past two weeks (late nights, early mornings, loads of processed food, dehydrated skin because of the radiator)… Also feel like I’m getting a cold, just headaches, and bloody tired.

I’m a bit better now, feeling well enough to start blogging – hope you didn’t miss me too much haha ;-). I thought it’d be fun, and interesting to have a bi-weekly post on what I’ve been doing. Especially since I’ll be moving to London soon, thought that’d be cool to share that experience with you guys; concerning my life there, and my internship.

My twitter followers will know; I’ve been to the hairdresser’s last Thursday. As you all know, I’ve been dying to do something different with my hair. Now my hair is rather damaged from Paris, so coloring it is not the best thing to do. I finally got the courage to chop my hair off, and now I’m part of the Bob club, if you accept me obviously. Changed my long locks for a long Bob, which I actually quite like on me. Still have to get the hang of it on how to style it the best, but doing alright. It’s definitely a sight I have to get used to (and my friends/family too), as I haven’t had short hair like this since I was 7! Really respect all the people with short hair, so much more high maintenance ha!

I was planning to show a picture of my new ‘do, but smart me accidentally erased my entire memory of my SD card. Still feeling (and looking) a bit sickish, so will try to see when I’m lookin’ better for the camera. Soon babes, soon! 

What have you been up to lately?