XEN-TAN Dark Tanning Lotion

XEN-TAN Dark Tanning Lotion: €27.45/£20.95

Most snow is starting to smelt away, and we are nearing the time where the spring collections are starting to roll out. That only means two things: an empty bank account, and trying on things where we need to show some leg. I only started using fake tan again since last year, and have been really liking the XEN-TAN Dark Tanning LotionI apply it with the mitt that they offer, and with that the application is really hassle-free, and streak free. Don’t think it would matter if you use any other tanning mitt – they sell bright orange ones at Primark for just a buck if you’re interested!

I don’t really prep before I apply it, the only thing I do is to make sure my legs are hair-free before applying the fake tan. Never had any oompa-loompa incidents, nor streaky and patchy legs/arms. The tan stays for a good 5-6 days, and fades naturally when you moisturize daily. Do keep in mind if you don’t moisturize well, the parts where you applied the tan on will end up looking patchy the last few days – something you want to avoid. 

The smell is actually quite nice, really like it. It definitely doesn’t have any strange, or heavy chemical scent most of the fake tans do have. The packaging is a real plus, as it comes in a handy bottle with a pump. So no hassle with squeezy tubes or dripping caps! 

I always wait around 20 minutes before I dress, as recommended, and never had any problems. I do follow all the instructions on the bottle/box, and never had any unpleasant surprises. I do apply this on my face as well, and has never led to any nasty break outs at all. The down point for me is that I find this tan not dark enough, which makes it a very subtle tan. It does layer up really nicely, but as lazy as I am, I’d like to have a fake tan which I just need to apply once for the perfect tan. Hence I’ll be looking for a different tan once I run out of this one. Do keep in mind that it takes a minute or 10 for the real color to show through. You see the color on your skin, which makes it easy to get the streak-less application, but don’t go over the top with layering too soon, too much – I’m talking with experience ;-).

Have you ever tried XEN-TAN Dark Lotion before, what are your thoughts on it?