Benjabelle Brush Tree

The lovely Ben and Jan were kindly enough to send me the Brush Tree*, which I’ve spotted on quite a few blogs. So you can imagine I was very excited to try this out and see what it all was about!

Surprisingly the Brush Tree is very light-weight yet sturdy and really easy to put together. Easy to store when you don’t need to use it (basically it’s just a few flat perspex pieces) and a pleasure to look at when it’s in use. It is available in 3 different colors: white, black and pink. I chose the white one as I think it’d fit in my room and because I like the clean look of it. The Tree is really easy to use, you basically just put in the brushes you’ve cleansed in the holes and it will stay there. I’d recommend to put a towel, or tissue(s), below the Tree so you don’t have to worry about the water that might drip down from the brushes on the table/place you’ve put your Tree.

Though you can use a towel to let your wet brushes dry on, having the Brush Tree just makes everything a bit easier and ensures that there won’t be any water dripping down to the handle, which can ruin the brushes eventually. The rubber in the frame that holds the brushes makes it possible to hold any kind of brush, doesn’t matter what brand or size. If you have smaller/thinner brushes, such as concealer or eyeshadow brushes, it’ll be better if you group them together to ensure they won’t fall out and to make most out of the space. You can get the Brush Tree for $34.95 online, excluding shipping cost.

Would you consider getting a Brush Tree?