Book & Stationary Haul

Just right before I left for London, I popped by my favorite local bookstore to check out some new stationary (I love stationary!). At the same time they were having promotions, and extra discounts on their already discounted on products. You can imagine that I had to come back with something right? ;-). Obviously I didn’t bring all of them with me to London, just two of the small notebooks, which I still have to find a purpose for.

Am really happy with all my finds, and feels quite refreshing to say that I bought something else than clothing or beauty products. I do have a smart side too ya know ;-). So I got Lonely Planet Travel Guide for Hong Kong & Macau, though I’ve been to both places before, having a guide is so much better, and works quite refreshing too. Definitely going to bring this with me this summer when I’m going back there! That huge pink box is actually to organize address cards, but I’m sure I’ll find a good use for it, probably something beauty related ;-). The few books I got Klunen (Dutch writer), Grotesk, and 3 chick-lit/romans were a bargain. I also got a huge photo album with travel related illustrations on, a perfect place to store all my Parisian adventures in I thought so myself. The items that look cutesy in the corner are from flow. It’s a Dutch brand, and I got their pocket notebooks, and some colored pencils in a cute case.

When was the last time you stopped by a bookstore?