Korres Wild Rose Bodycare Set

Korres is a brand that is absolutely lovely, and I love their body products. The Korres Wild Rose Bodycare Set* is a total pleasure to add to my body regime – which I don’t have. I’m one that is really lazy with applying body lotion and I get away with it. The set originally comes with a lipbalm too, but my lovely colleague had dibbs on that one already ;-). I’m not complaining, I adore what I’ve got. I’ve used the body butter a few times now, and it smells lovely. It’s a thick-ish consistency, but very easy to blend into the skin and leaves the skin very supple and moisturized. The smell is very subtle, which I like. I do recall using a Body Shop fruit body lotion, which was so heavily fragranced that I couldn’t sleep because of the smell and had to wash my arms in the middle of the night. Really, no kidding. I also love that it sinks in quickly into the skin – there is nothing worse than my PJ’s sticking to my arms and legs, yikes!

I don’t think the shower gel needs any explanation; it does what every shower gel does. It cleanses, makes you smell nice and well… it cleanses you. Paired together it makes the scent linger longer, still very subtle and people will only smell you when they are really up-close, and not a meter away (not calling names here). All in all, really enjoying the set and will definitely be trying out more of Korres’s bath and body products! You can get this set (including the lipbalm) for €27/£20 from ASOS.

What is your experience with Korres bath/body products?