Phyto Detox Shampoo

I got this when I still was in Paris, in my first haul I believe. I was hoping that this was my dream shampoo, a shampoo that would literally change my world. I know, impossible. But reviews on the net were positive, and the product description too. I know this doesn’t mean that it’s the golden ticket to my hair problems, but still I kept my hopes up. 

After trying this for a while, I really can’t say much positive things about it. I really wanted it to work, but unfortunately it didn’t. It has a minty/eucalyptus scent, which is great. It lathers up great, and my hair feels great afterwards. It’s softer, and it feels like my hair is seriously detoxed. However, at the end of the day, my hair starts feeling a bit greasy. And by the time it’s the next day, my hair is a total greasy mess. Not a nice look. Still I think shampoos are just like skincare, a personal thing, something you should try yourself first to be able to say anything about it. 

Have you ever tried Phytho Detoxifying Shampoo, how’d you like it?