ZARA vs. Miu Miu?

Have purchased these a while ago; totally forgot to share the good news with y’all! I was eyeing these in my local ZARA ever since they hit the stores, but when I decided to get them they were sold out. Before I left for London, I went to The Hague (Den Haag) with my mum to do some shopping and of course popped into ZARA. They still had their sale going on and when browsing through the store I found these beauties! Couldn’t believe my eyes, as I wasn’t able to grab them even before the sales.

It has a velvet texture, with a golden baroque-ish print embroidered. I got them in black, but I believe they are available in red as well. There barely is a heel, which makes it a comfy everyday shoe. One way or another they remind me of the overly hyped-up Miu Miu loafers. Same kind of look. Velvet, embroidered. The Miu Miu’s have a slightly different print, a larger heel (with some serious bling), and are obviously more expensive.

Can’t stop glowing when I see these, as I really love them. I can see myself getting a lot of wear of them already. Comfy loafers, yet work appropriate. Priced originally at €59,95, got them in sale for €29,95. Told ya it was a bargain ;-).

What do you think of these loafers; do you like them?