A Moment Of Beauty

When I mentioned that I was going to move to London, many of you were interested in how I’d settle in and how my room would look. At this moment, my room is still a big mess and never seem to be tidy… ever. I thought I’d still keep my end of the promise and show you a peek on my beauty stash – I guess that’s the more interesting part for you guys anyways.

This is a real-time shot, in fact, it all looks like this at this moment. I honestly don’t think it has changed much from my first week till now – I’m the worst, I know. I keep my make up bits separately from my skin, hand/nail, body and hair care. One because I have far more make up in my room than the other things accumulated (my skincare is in my shower caddy/travel pouch stored in my closet) and two because it’s très convenient for me to have my make up there as there is a huge mirror behind it. Couldn’t be more perfect. I’ll try to do a short room tour post (or maybe video), I can’t say when but I will promise that it’ll be up before I’ll leave London ;-). Tomorrow I’ll be at the Grazia event tomorrow at John Lewis Oxford Street, do pop by and say hi if you do bump into me. I’d really like that!

Are you going to the John Lewis & Grazia Beauty Event tomorrow?