balance Me. Super Moisturising Hand Cream

I’m a huge hand cream user and lover, and always on the hunt for the next hand cream that’ll make my heart jump (or something like that). I picked up the balance Me. Super Moisturising Hand Cream on a whim when I was in Waitrose. Having tried and tested a lot of different hand creams I was hoping that this would blow my mind. The thing that triggered me to get is the size – it’s compact and fits in a small handbag, and it claims to be 98.8% natural, which is always a plus. 

The consistency of this cream is a bit thick, similar to L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, which means you’ll need more of the product to be able to spread it all out. Once you’ve generously squeezed out the cream it is easy to apply – you can’t be stingy with this product! Because it is a rather thick consistency, it is a rich hand cream that does moisturizer well. The product sinks in almost immediately when applied, leaving your hands feel soft and smooth. Nothing I hate more than having sticky/sweaty palms – I’m telling you… not so charming when meeting new people ;-). 

Quite content with the product, and the only point of critic I have is the smell. I am a huge fan of fresh, citrus, fig or pastry (I’m looking at you Laura Mercier Pistachio) scented hand creams and unfortunately this cream doesn’t fit in either of these categories. The scent is almost identical to The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. I can’t really describe the smell, but if I had to: the word “organic” and “natural” pop up in my mind. The smell is not overly bearing, and fades slowly over time. All in all it’s a great hand cream that moisturizes my hands, leaving them feeling soft and supple without the nasty chemicals that you’ll find in most creams. Score! Get yours for £10 at your local balance Me. stockist or for free with Good Housekeeping UK this month!

Have you ever tried balance Me. Super Moisturising Hand Cream, what did you think of it?