Clarins Hydra Quench Lip Perfector

I got the Hydra Quench Lip Perfector 03 in a set together with three other Clarins lip products, and this was not the product that made me buy the lot. In fact, when I saw this gloss I was not impressed. Orange with gold shimmer? Not my forté. I tucked it into my work make-up bag on a whim and it was left there for a few days. When I forgot to apply any lipstick before leaving the house and didn’t have anything else with me, I gave this a go. Boy oh boy, what was I surprised. The scary orange gloss turned out to be a gorgeous, barely-there-my-lips-but-better peachy/pink gloss that is amazingly moisturizing and a satisfying wearability. I’ve been so, so impressed with this and this has not left my side ever since. This is actually the only thing I’ve been wearing on my lips for the past week, and for a gal that changes up make up products on a daily basis – that’s quite a claim to make.

Normally I’m not a fan of glosses because they tend to stick onto my hair, which strangely enough hasn’t happened to me yet with this one. The color is so flattering and I seriously only have good things to say about this product. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for my next one – watch this space… 😉

Would you ever try this product? 



* Apologies for the blurry close up, I have no idea what happened!