Good-bye GFC, Hello Alternatives

Most of you might have heard from the grapevine that GFC and Google Reader will be removed soon – it’s been speculated it’ll be gone forever 1st July? It really saddens me up as I’ve just started to get more followers. Though I do know blogging is not about the amount of GFC followers, but about the way you express yourself. I guess it’s just a nice feeling of knowing that you have XY-people reading your blog.

With this post I just wanted to make sure to all my followers that besides GFC, there are many ways to follow my blog! I know July seems so far away, but I thought it be nice to familiarize ourselves with the available alternatives :-).

The most obvious, and similar, alternative is the infamous Bloglovin. Basically the same, and in my opinion better than Google Reader. It is designed really nicely and has a clear structure. You can follow me here, and every time I post something new it’ll show up on your feed. You can also like the post if you fancy it. It’d really appreciate if you did that, as that gives me an idea what posts you fancy a read. Bloglovin played into the dissmissal of Google Reader really well, and have made it really easy for us to switch to their platform. They have explained that all in a succint blogpost showing you how to use the platform and how to import all the  feeds from your Google Reader – I’m following everyone on Bloglovin’ already.

A more old-fashioned way to follow the blog is through email subscribtions, which can be done here. To have an extra reminder to show you when there’s a new post, you can follow me on twitter. Or just follow me for my daily ramblings, rants and just random snapshots of my daily life ;-). I hope this post has made the transition a bit more clear for you all, and I hope that you will still continue reading my blog – it means a lot to me!

Do leave me your Bloglovin’ link in the comments below!