Percy & Reed Volumnising No Oil Oil

I’ve always been attracted to Percy & Reed hair products because of the packaging. So when it came with this months Glamour I was really excited to try it out. I choose the one with Percy & Reed Volumnising No Oil Oil for fine hair, which is supposed to give volume without greasing up the scalp. You can imagine how that sounds in my ears – indeed, like music. 

The instructions say to apply it from your roots to the ends, which made me cringe a bit. I don’t like to apply products near my roots, unless it’s shampoo or dry shampoo. My roots tend to get greasy quite fast, and rubbing oil on my roots is not the most ideal situation. However, for the sake of the blog (and my curiosity) I followed the instructions on the bottle. The oil doesn’t feel like an oil at all, more like water, which I really liked. The smell is quite nice, it has a very subtle fragrance to it, it’s a bit floral-ish. It comes with a pump, which makes it easy to dispense the product and the amount you want to use. 

Besides the plusses, I have to say I’m really disappointed by the product. As much as I’d like to like it, I just can’t say it. The scenario was that I massaged it onto my roots to my ends, like the bottle told me to. I looked like I needed a good wash, because it looked (and felt) greasy as h-ll! If it’d given me the promised volume I’d be able to justify it someway, that’s why we have dry shampoo. However, my hair was greasy and as straight as before. Do keep in mind that I had washed my hair the evening before, and had to wash it the same evening again. I like to wash my hair every other day, to still look clean and fresh, and to not damage my hair too much. 

Of course it depends on your scalp, hair type, hair style whether the product will work or not. If you want to give it a go, Percy & Reed have nice little travel kits where you can try a set of products. If you just want to try the oil, you can still get it with Glamour (they also have magazines that include a shampoo, a conditioner and a conditioning treatment for colored hair). 

Have you ever tried the Volumnising No Oil Oil?