Essie Mint Candy Apple

I’m pretty sure you all know I have a slight weakness for minty shades lately. That paired with my crazy habit of changing my nail polish on an almost daily basis, I knew I had to paint my nails in Essie Mint Candy Apple. For some odd reason I was not able to capture the polish’s true color. It looks very light/pastel blue, but it’s more turquoise in real life. I’m absolutely smitten with it. To describe the color, I’d say it’s a bit more blue toned and a more vibrant version of Essie Absolutely Shore, which is a more muted pastel green. 

The polish applies like any other Essie polish – very easy. It also is opaque, two and a half coat will do for me. I do take my time with this color and let it dry slowly, layer for layer. If you have this polish with the new brush it’ll be a bliss to apply and will probably just take seconds to have your nails done. I seriously cant stop looking at my nails as the color immediately puts me in a good mood. That, and I just had a DIY mani, which I hope you can see. That is, in a positive way… You know what I mean ;-). 

What do you think of Essie Mint Candy Apple?