French Pharmacy Bucket List

I’m a big lover and believer in French pharmacy brands, their skincare is just amazing and very reasonably priced. As the hype around the pharmacy brands is still not dying and many of you seem to like my French Pharmacy Haul post, I thought it’d be nice to make a bucket list for you with products you must get when you’re in France. Highly recommend City Pharma in St. Germain when you’re in Paris, but any other French pharmacy will do. All items are noted in alphabetical order.

AVÈNE EAU THERMALE I’ve mentioned this product before, in fact it has it’s own designated post. This spray is just marvellous on a hot summer day to refresh the skin and make up. I cannot describe it exactly, but the spray spreads the product over your skin perfectly. Doesn’t drag your make up down, nor does it leave your skin tight an blotchy.

BIODERMA CRÉALINE H2O Do I even need to justify this product? Bioderma has been going viral for many years and deserved it. This is my go-to make up remover, it’s easy, hassle-free, and does the job very well. I tend to remove my make up with Bioderma and then follow up with a cleanser to clean my skin. It’s fine you don’t, it’s just the way I think – make up remover removes make up, cleanser cleanses the skin. Quite logical, huh. 

CAUDALIE DIVINE OIL / NUXE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE I’m becoming one of those girls that are obsessed with oils. Oh my, and I’m in deep. I have both these oils and love them equally. Personally I wouldn’t recommend them as a facial oil (though it’s sold as a multi-purpose product), as when I asked the lovely lady in my go-to pharmacy if it was a good face oil for me, she looked at me like I had the crazy cow disease. And I trust her – she’s a Parisienne! Both oils are divine for the body and smell amazing. Very nourishing and as they are a dry oil, they skin into the skin very quickly.

CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR Cult-classic, again. I love this to refreshen my face after a long day of uni/work. It smells amazing and the fragrance is very uplifting. I find that it revives my make up as well, similar to MAC’s Fix + spray, but then more skin friendly. Personally, I haven’t seen much skin improvements by using this as a toner, so I just have the smaller size in my on-the-go make up bag and a big one on my desk.

EMBRYOLISSE LAIT-CREME CONCENTRÉ I just simply cannot stop with the classics, I’m sorry. I’ve written about this cream many, many times on the blog. Even though I have combination-oily skin, this still works. I actually find this a great base for my make up in the winter, it’s moisturizing and not heavy on the skin at all. However, in the summers I tend to switch to a gel moisturizer, as this can be a bit too rich for me.

LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS XL SPF LRP is one of my favorite brands of drugstore skincare, they promise what they do and their packaging is clean and simple. Though their Effaclar range did not do much for me, I got on really well with their sun care range, Anthelios. This sunscreen is non-comodogenic (doesn’t clog pores), oil-free and waterproof. Also, it has a SPF of 50+ to keep your skin protected from all those harmful UV rays. Big plus: it doesn’t leave your skin white. They will soon be launching two new additions to their line, an oil and one that is quick absorbent.

MELVITA FACE OILS Continuing with the oil rave, Melvita has some amazing face oils. They have everything from Argan to Rosehip to Jojoba. All oils are natural and organic and depending on the oil, they each have different purposes. A little goes a long way, and I’m very pleased. Do keep in mind that this is not a dry oil, it doesn’t contain any preservatives and is the first cold-pressed organic oil. It won’t sink into the skin immediately, but when you wake up your skin will have absorbed all the goodies from the oil and your skin is plumped.

MELVITA TONERS I’ve been through many toners, and Melvita’s toners are by far my favorite. They have a variety of fragrances that address different skin concerns. My favorite is their Rose Water Toner, which also smells amazing. It comes in a blue glass bottle with a spray cap, which is great for dispensing the product. As it’s glass, it looks beautiful in your cabinet, down point is that it’s quite heavy and inconvenient when you’re travelling.

NUXE RÊVE DU MIEL LIP BALM Crème-de-la-crème of lip balms. Whether you get the chapstick or the balm in the tub, they both work wonderfully. I keep the chapstick in my purse and the tub at home. I lather it up quite heavily before going to bed and wake up with soft lips. It also is a great base for any lip product, as it isn’t greasy so the product won’t slip.

ROGER & GALLET SOAP I generally just like how their soaps look and are packaged, so this would be not a priority buy in my opinion. Roger & Gallet are renowned in France for their fragrances, which shines through their wide collection of body mists and soaps. I particularly like their Green Tea line. Their soaps come in a nifty hard case, which can dub as a soap box.

If you’re not planning a trip to France any time soon, worry not, I got ‘ya covered too. You can order the products either online or if you’re based in London you can drop by Zest, John Bell & Croyden or The Garden Pharmacy. And if you’re not: La Roche-Posay is stocked in Boots, and Caudalie and Melvita are also available on – free worldwide shipping. I hope this list will help all of you who are still so-called virgins in the French pharmacy world. Do tweet me your new purchases, I’d love to see what you’ve got :-).

Have you tried any of these product before, which products would you like to try?


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