REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask

After having tried many, many clarifying mud masks, I have certainly made a list of those that were worth the purchase and those that weren’t. Unfortunately for me, and my bank account, many of the masks I’ve tried were not worth repurchasing, and some even are still being left in the very back of an unopened drawer. Luckily, REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask does not go into that category and let me tell you why.

Unlike many clarifying mud masks, it doesn’t dry out the skin while drying out the blemish. It claims to reduce pore size and redness, to prevent break outs and to leave the skin looking clear and even-toned. I can’t say it does all that for me, as I haven’t noticed any difference in the size of my pores nor have I noticed that using this mask aided in minimizing the appearance of my hyper pigmentation. Taking that all aside, it does a hell of a job in reducing blemishes, decongesting the skin and to reduce break outs. As I said, it doesn’t dry out the skin. In fact, after 30 minutes I wash the mask off and my skin feels plump, moisturized and very smooth – my skin almost feels like I had a facial done.

The consistency of the product is thick, more like a cream and you won’t need too much to cover your entire face. I like to put on a generous amount and just massage that in and breathe in the smell of the mask. I personally love the scent, it’s very calming and relaxing. It’s herbally, but in a good way. I want to be really clear on something: don’t expect it to zap away your blemishes immediately, because it won’t and I doubt any product would be able to do that. What it does is making the blemish less irritated, less red and can reduce the size (and appearance) of the blemish. This all doesn’t happen in just 30 minutes. It has to be paired with a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. So what makes it different from the gazillion other mud masks you say? Besides that it actually clears up the skin, and while doing that it is not drying out the skin it also doesn’t contain any nasties. Parabens? Nope. Sulfates? Pas du tout. Synthetic fragrances? Nada

If you’re interested in trying the mask, you can either ask your nearest REN counter for a small sample or buy one of their starter kits to try out the entire Clear Calm 3 line (they also have sets for dry, combination and normal skin).

Have you ever tried REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask before?


REN ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask £30

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