1 Year Ago

Today is RAVES ‘nd RAMBLINGS’ first anniversary. Honestly, time has flown by so quickly that I almost forgot. I still can’t believe that I’ve gained the courage and started a blog to share my ramblings with the outer world. I’m so thankful to all of you who basically made the blog and motivated me to continue rambling writing about beauty – my true passion.

During this year I’ve learned so much, I’ve met the most amazing people who are also very beauty savvy, just like me. I’ve been able to develop myself as a better writer, I still am discovering who I am and what my ‘voice’ is like. It’s been such a fun year, with obvious ups and downs, but I’m very happy that I decided to start this blog. Having RAVES ‘nd RAMBLINGS as an outlet has been great for me during difficult times and I can’t believe how supportive you all were.

I love you guys and hopefully you’ll stick with me till the end, which will be very very far away. You’re stuck with me for a while now, I’m telling you, ha. Now I’m off to my morning jog and after that I’ll visit the Food Fair that’s in South Bank this bank holiday weekend and eat lots of great foods, ha!

Thanks so much for following & reading my blog! 


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