7 Things I’ve Been Loving (April 2013)

I know I say this every month, but April just passed in a blink of the eye. Secretly one of my favorite months of the year. Why? It’s my birthday month (left my teens behind this year), I love spring and it’s Queensday in the Netherlands – the best holiday ever. Sadly my attempt to celebrate Queensday in London failed like no other, as the only Dutch bar in the entire city was packed with Dutchies celebrating the last Queensday like no other. I ended the night with some lovely lads and birds, so it was fun nonetheless.

Beauty wise, I tend to stick with my routine of moisture-boosting masks. Aromatheraphy Associates Hydrating Rose Face Mask has been a staple this month. I’ve mentioned before that it’s a firm must in my routine now. It is moisturizing like no other and very pleasant on the skin. Not heavy, nor tingly. You don’t even know it’s on your skin actually. It’s very easy to get off and I feel instant results. With the weather changes in London, a good hydrating mask is vital in my case.

With the skin in check, it makes applying make up way easier because of a better base for your foundation, etc. Cheek wise I’ve been grabbing Laura Mercier Bonne Minne Trio almost every single day, which says a lot about the product. Mainly I’ve been using the Pink Cheek Veil (cream blusher) and Bronze Veil (cream bronzer) for that natural ‘no make up’ look. Normally I find cream products a pain to apply, but my recent acquisition of the Real Techniques brushes made life a lot easier. I love the Buffing Brush for cream blushers and certain foundations (depending on the formula/consistency) and the Contour Brush for what it’s designed for – contouring. When using powder-based cheek products I used the Real Techniques Blush Brush, which is amazing I’m telling you. In the beginning I was quite sceptic about the brush, thinking how one brush could change my life. Well, it did. Major. It makes applying blusher a task of less than a minute, while still looking good and not over applying any product.

On the lips I had Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Fushia-Ristic on speed dial, which I blogged about as well. I can’t say much more, other than that it’s a firm staple in my bag. It’s very nourishing and  the color suits me so well. I love the fact that I can apply this without a mirror. A mirror I have been loving is one from Paname Paris, which I received in a Birchbox. You may think it’s silly to include a mirror in my favorites, but besides the cutesy design, it’s just been very useful this month and have been using it a lot when on-the-go and even in the house.

What have you been loving this month?


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