balance Me. Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

Balm cleansers have been going viral for the past months and the only reason why I haven’t jumped ship yet is because they all come in a big tub. I just don’t like scooping my product out as I find that very unhygienic and I don’t want product to be stuck beneath my nails. This is where balance Me. Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm* comes in, which is packaged in a nifty tube with all the benefits of a balm cleanser… me likey.

It’s an oil-based balm cleanser, which is a good thing as it will be able to break down all the dirt, excess oil and make up from your face. Let’s just say it’s got the Caroline approved stamp on it. Although it’s recommended for normal – dry skin, it works perfectly fine on my combination/oily/dehydrated skin as well. I use it after my make up remover as I like to double cleanse my skin, just to be sure I got rid of all the dirt and make up. The cleanser is 100% natural, it smells absolutely divine and very calming, it somehow reminds me of lemongrass. The cleanser contains many great ingredients such as oatmeal, shea butter, rosehip, cemellia oil, etc. The oatmeal in the balm exfoliates the skin gently and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

I like to rub it onto dry skin, massage it for a while and then use a hot flannel (or muslin cloth) to remove all the product. My skin has been looking very well ever since I’ve been using it and I’m noticing some brightening effects as well. After that I just continue with my normal routine – toner, treatment, serum, oils/creams.

Have you ever tried a balm cleanser before?


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