Drugstore Skincare Haul

With the sole intention of buying iron supplements, I walked out of Boots with a bag with everything except that. Truth to be told, I totally forgot about the supplements until the next morning… upps. I usually don’t go for drugstore skincare products, as I just find they don’t work for me compared to French pharmacy and high-end brands. While I was zoned-out and strolling around the isles, some bits caught my attention and made the cut into my basket.

While miscellar waters have taken the beauty world by storm in the past few years, it’s astonished me how slow the mainstream brands were to pick up this trend. L’Oréal did. Finally. Not a fan of L’Oréal skin care, never have, but with these two new launches I had to try them out for myself. That I will be trialling their 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution with my beloved Bioderma H2O is a no brainer. Having dipped my toes into the cleansing oil pool, I had to snatch this one with me and give it a go too, which I’ll be comparing with my current favorite. Packaging wise they do get a big thumbs up from me – sleek, clean and simple, just how I like it.

As Boots had their 3 for 2 deals again, it would be a sin to not grab a third item, so I did. Having never tried anything from their Botanics range I thought I’d start with the most fault-proof item Rosewater Toning Spritz. Hopefully these products won’t disappoint and then again… I guess when starting this blog I’ve signed up for being a beauty guinea pig.

Have you given these products a go before and do you prefer drugstore skincare over others?


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