Hello Brighton!

Last week was my Bank Holiday weekend and with the weather this bloomin’ beautiful it would’ve been a crime to not head towards the coast.Not having the finances to fly away to the beautiful Riviera in Southern France, I found my British equivalent… well sort of. Brighton is know for its beach (which has won an award apparently) and with many people telling me how marvellous the city is I had to see it for myself.

The weather was amazing and I had such a lovely time at the coast. Brighton is an amazing city and so cheap, compared to London that is. It reminded me of a small beach-town back in the Netherlands where I grew up – childhood memories are the best. How the beach was you ask? Horrible. Little did I know that it was a beach full of rocks, the size even bigger than the 2 pound coin. Though it was good to leave the hectic city for a day and just relax a bit (though Brighton was packed that day), already planning on visiting another city next Bank Holiday – Cambridge or Bath perhaps? At the end of the day I know I’m a city girl and am very glad I live in London, even when it’s dubbed as ‘the city of fog’. 

What have you been up to this Bank Holiday?


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