MUJI Essential Oils

The first thing I do when I enter the office is starting up my computer, make myself a cuppa tea, a glass of water and turn on the room diffuser. I add a few drops of MUJI Essential Oils in Lime, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang to create my own little concoction. You literally just need the tiniest amount, so a bottle will last you a lifetime. Okay, probably not a lifetime if you use it daily, but it will definitely last you a while.

The scents are very uplifting and just brightens up my morning immediately. As it’s quite citrus-y (I tend to go crazy with the Lime just a bit) it just gives me an immediate wake-up boost. Also, I tend to add an extra few drops of Lime during the day, for a wake-me-up and to erase the stale smell in the office – if you get what I mean. Hooray for room diffusers!

What is the thing you do first to start-off your day?


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