Clinique Moisture Favourites

Travel sets. I bloody luuurve those nifty kits. Most of the time it’s very economical (I’m Dutch, so excuse me if I’m always in for a good bargain), you get to try other products through a deluxe sample/travel size and you get a mini bag with it. Now those bags won’t get my excited, but the rest will. I snagged this one up from Clinique at John Lewis when they had a 10% price match going on – bargain

Being a very loyal fan of Clinique‘s Moisture Surge range (I repurchased the moisturizer 5 times), my heart skipped a beat when I saw this at the counter, priced at just £30.60. Having spotted this at Harrods’ sale the week before for £32, I could hear myself thinking what a good deal it was. With my semi-existing spending ban still in my head, I only made up my mind 2 hours later that this set was destined to come home with me – whilst dragging my friend to the counter to check-out. 

The set contains Clinique Moisture Surge (50ml),  All About Eyes Serum (5ml) and a mini Chubby Stick in Whoppin’ Watermelonbloody amazing name. Moisture Surge has never failed me before and is my go-to Summer moisturizer. It just gives the perfect amount of moisture without being too sticky or shiny. That being worth £32 already makes the kit double worth its price, as I paid less for the entire set. Score. I will definitely be using the Eye Serum when I’ll be flying next week and the Chubby Stick for everyday use. It’s the perfect shade (and size for in my handbag) for a day-to-day use. Did I already say that UK sales are amazing? 

What do you think of travel sets?


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