Good-bye to the Old

It’s been a while since Google announced that Google Reader will be leaving us as of July 1st. Sad, but not dreadful, as there are many alternatives to the latter. To ensure your regular dose of beauty rambles and other shenanigans, I have noted the easiest ways for you to follow me. As simple as ABC and just one, two, three clicks away.

Is most probably the easiest tool to follow me, and the most similar to Google Reader. Just a click away, it gives you a great overview of all the blogs you’re following. Bloglovin also gives you the option to import all your Google Reader blogs to your Bloglovin following list, so you don’t have to find each blog individually – so smart as it’ll save you heaps of time.

To be kept up to date with my latest post, adventures and random happenings, you can follow me on twitter. Basically my daily outlet for, well… everything. I’ll try to keep it as entertaining (and relevant) for you and won’t spam you – promise. Do drop me a tweet if you’re a follower and a beauty addict, just like yours truly.

Photography is one of my other interests besides beauty. I’ll capture anything noteworthy or interesting that has come across – be it beauty, stationary, scenery and I might even take you through a tour in London and wherever I’ll end up next. I’m voting for New York City! Oh a girl can dream…

Hope this helps and will make following Raves ‘nd Ramblings easier.


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