If I had £50…

Tags. Generally a pain in the bum to write thanks to the page filling useless rules. When the lovely Lauren tagged me for this tag, I was very intrigued by the title and when I saw that the guidelines of the tag were amazingly simple, I knew I had to do this. £50 is a lot of money to spend, but as greedy as I am, it was quite the challenge to put a page-filling list together.

A bit cheeky, but I amended the rules a bit to my preference as in not just creating a list from one brand – that just doesn’t make any sense does it? Having £50 doesn’t mean I have to limit myself to just one shop, so yes… I cheated and mingled bits and pieces from e.g. Boots,  Feel Unique, Lush, Cult Beauty.

Bourjois Healhty Mix Serum Foundation £10.99
I really am not a big fan of high street/drugstore foundations as they just never match my skin tone. I’ve heard many good things about this and when I swatched this on the back of my hand the other day, I finally understood why the beauty world was going mad about this. A gel texture, natural finish and rather good coverage – I’m sold.

Fushi Organic Rosehip Oil £12.85
As obsessed as I am with oils, I’ve never tried anything with rosehip oil yet, even though it has amazing skin benefits. Rosehip oil is rich in Vitamin A and C, meaning it will increase cell regeneration – promoting collagen levels (reducing of scars, skin ageing, stretch marks, etc). With the blemish explosion I’m currently battling, this oil would come in handy to reduce the hyper pigmentation marks the spots have left on my skin. Best thing about Fushi is, is that their oils are all organic and free from artificial chemicals.

L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara Waterproof £10.99
Anna has been raving about this for as long as I’ve been reading her blog and beyond. Recalling that I’ve used this once on a crazy night out way back in the day (not that I’m that old, anyhoo) and can recall that I was pleasantly surprised by this. As I’m not a big mascara user – probably almost the only one – I haven’t bought it yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not lusting after it. Everything for a mascara that’ll hold the curl and won’t smudge.

LUSH Oatifix Fresh Face Mask £5.95
When I Skyped with my mum a few days ago, she told me that she’d been using bananas as mask, twice a week and saw discoloration disappear like the sun. I hate the hassle of DIY masks, so when I spotted this one online, you could guess my reaction. The bananas in the mask would help to moisture your skin and oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin act as a very gentle scrub to remove dead skin and leave your skin looking brighter.

NEOM Refresh Candle £15
I’m a big candle person, as they can really change the atmosphere in a room and uplift my mood immediately. I see it as a bit of luxury to indulge myself in, as I’m quite literally burning my money away. Their Refresh candle is based on lemon and fresh basil essential oils that gives an uplifting energy boost – just what I need after this heck of a week.

Total: £50.29
NB. There is an offer going on at Boots at the moment, where you’ll get the second (cheapest) product for half price. Which in my case is the L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara. 

Okay, so I didn’t exactly stay under the budget, but hey… I’m sure I’d be able to borrow 29 pence from someone if I came short or I’d be able to find some at the bottom of my bag. Thank you Alex, for creating this tag and making it hassle free to join the fun. As I don’t want to insult anyone by forgetting to tag them – I’m tagging you all! Do let me know if you end up doing this tag – I’d love to see what you made out of it (see rules below).

Will you be doing the tag?


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