The Clear Skin Cookbook

It’s no surprise to you all that I’m a big believer in treating the skin from within and when I got the chance to review this book, I grabbed it with both hands. My skin has been acting up very badly, meaning I’ve gotten very bad break outs. Slowly going through this book, I think I’ve become more conscious on what I eat and what I buy in the supermarket. And like Caroline once said: “99% of what your face is showing comes from you stomach – everything that
goes in you gut shows on your face”. So without further ado, let’s crack on…

The Clear Skin Cookbook* is written by Dale Pinnock who is a Medicinal Chef. This book is based on  discoveries and knowledge he gained because of his own struggles as a teenage boy with troubled skin. He started being interested when he read a book that said that “unless you look after what’s going on inside, nothing will change on the outside”. Lucky for us, he’s made a nifty little book containing all we need to know about the road that leads to clear skin.

The first part of the book explains common skin conditions, what the skin does, how the skin ages, vital vitamins, ‘magical’ minerals, antioxidants and essential fats, which is really interesting and very useful to know. For example, explains what the mineral Zinc is and what it does for your skin/body. It also gives a few examples of foods and vegetables that are high in Zinc. The second part consists of recipes ranging from soups to desserts to sides to drinks. All recipes are very easy to follow, a short description of what it is and a list of benefits the ingredients in that particular dish give to your skin.

Now I haven’t tried many recipes yet, but with all the knowledge this little book has given me, I now know what is good (and bad) for me. Because of the list of ‘good’ and ‘helpful’ ingredients, you can easily integrate them into your daily meals. I’m already making lists of foods I need to stock up on and what skin benefits these have. Clear skin, I’m coming for ‘ya!

Do you believe in treating the skin from within?


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