BioSilk Summer Therapy Silk Protect

Summer. I’m not quite sure how the weather is in the other parts of the world, but it is bloomin’ hot here in Europe. Just like everyone, my hair dries a bit funky and feels very coarse. So when I got wind of BioSilk‘s newest Summer Therapy range, that promised hair like silk, I had to try it.

The Summer Therapy line consists of a shampoo, treatment and a leave-in conditioner, which is the BioSilk Summer Therapy Silk Protect. It contains (like the name suggests) silk proteins that protect the hair from harmful UV rays, sea water and chlorine. It also is suitable as a heat protectant when styling your hair with curling wands or hair straighteners. Besides protection, it really makes my hair feel like, wait for it… silk.

Although it is sold as a leave-in conditioner, I just use it as a daily treatment for the ends of my locks and run it through my roots with what I’ve left on my hand. The fragrance is wonderful, it’s paraben free and it’s the perfect treatment when your hair needs a bit of protection and nourishing. I find that my hair feels silky, smooth and is styled very easily (it holds curls really well!). The texture of the treatment is thin, but not runny and it’s really light, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Just what you need in a Summer hair product. Silky locks, be mine!

Have you ever tried anything from BioSilk (Summer Therapy), what do you use to protect your locks?


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