Glamglow YouthMud Mask

Mud masks. We’ve all been there and tried that. GLAMGLOW YouthMud Mask, however, is a different kind of mud mask from what I’ve tried before. Having many celebrity and blogger fans and being dubbed as the Hollywood treatment favorite, I had to try this myself. First thoughts: meh. Final verdict: bloody amazing. So let me elaborate on that…

After it going viral for so long, this was on top of my ‘Beauty Bucket List’ when I arrived in London and one of the first bits I crossed off. Shocked with the size of the tub after I opened its box (so misleading), I bit my tongue and slapped it generously on my face. With star ingredients like Taeoxi, volcanic minerals and French sea clay, I really believed in getting super sexy super radiant skin. These ingredients aid to purify, clarify and brighten the skin, detox and minimize the appearance of pores and give you that promised Hollywood glow. 

Don’t mind the old school TV, the paintings (not mine you know), my messy bun and my oversized PJ top.

Now my first time applying it, I wasn’t impressed much as I didn’t notice any difference and slapped on my next mask immediately (they come in 3 phases: brightening, clarifying, hydrating). The next time I used it, I paid close attention to the condition of my skin and when I rinsed it off: wow. As the mask dries up, it’ll feel quite tight (in a pleasant way), aiding in collagen building and making it hard to talk, eat or move your face for any reason. 10 minutes later I could see my pores were definitely detoxed from the gunk and drew out the hardcore impurities, making it the perfect last-minute facial.

A major thumbs up to GLAMGLOW for creating this mask, as this is the one I’m slapping on a few days before I know my skin needs to look fab. Top tip: don’t do it the day before, as you might get small blemishes or your skin might look quite red and angry because of the detox. I’m sobbing at the moment as I’m hitting pan and can only scrape one last use of what I have left and will definitely put this on my repurchase list. But for now… SuperMud, I’m ready to get ‘ya!

Would you ever consider getting GLAMGLOW YouthMud Mask?