Rimmel Instant Tan Water Resistant

Sun? What’s that? Though I loved living in London, the lack of sun was getting to me. I need my Vitamin D, you know. Besides the vitamin intake, I do love a good tan. I’m not talking Jersey Shore-tan, but a more sophisticated, bronze goddess look. Having tried my fair share of fake tans, I thought I’d explore the more wallet-friendly options. So when I saw Rimmel Instant Tan on offer, it ended up in my shopping basket. Did I say it was Water Resistant? Intrigued, aren’t you.

So was I. The product is very easy to apply. I got it in the shade Matte Medium, which is a lovely color – dark enough for my taste, yet very buildable and still natural (as far as fake tan can be natural). Its claim to be water resistant is a bold one, as most instant tans I’ve tried were all but that. Before taking it out on the field, I wanted to test its waters (well… test with water in this case) and applied this in the evening before my shower. Worst case scenario: it would work and I’d have to apply it again in the morning. In other words, I had nothing to lose.

It’s a gel-ish texture, making it very easy to apply and blend – perfect for layering if you like a more bronzed look. When I finished doing my legs, I waited for approximately 30 minutes for it to proper dry. I have nothing bad to say about the color, blendability or consistency as that’s not my point of criticism. What caught me by surprise is when it just sprinkled some water from the tap on my leg and I could see it all dripping down. Drying up after half a minute, leaving my legs looking I had some odd patches/skin problems. Not so flattering, believe me.

Would I recommend this product? As an instant tan/immediate wash-off, definitely yes. But as it’s marketed, no. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Being water resistant is a bold claim, which unfortunately stays just that. A bold claim, not being backed by any results.

Have you ever tried Rimmel Instant Tan Water Resistant and how did you like it?


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