SAMPAR Prodigal Pen

There is a saying that goes something like ‘happiness can come in small packages’ or maybe I’m merging some into one. What I’m meaning to point out is that bigger doesn’t always mean better, just like now. When I initially saw SAMPAR Prodigal Pen*, I didn’t think much of it. Yes, it looks cute (it’s baby pink!) and it’s very compact, but whether it would work, I still had to figure that out. After being blown away by its effects on my skin the morning after, my mantra has become “smaller is better” or something in that sense…

This nifty roller-ball (or pen as they like to call it) is perfect when you’re on the go and is actually a 3-in-1 product: anti-blemish, calming and soothing. The pen consists of a blend of 7 essential oils including cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary and cloves making it a very interesting and pleasant fragrance and perfect for when you feel a spot coming up. The oils really calm and soothe the skin while reducing redness on the blemish without being drying. Perfect to be rolling over your face throughout the day (max 4-5 times) as it dries up clear. It smells very refreshing and calming, which makes it perfect to calm your senses when rolling it on your temples when stressed or in long-haul flights. Besides this, it also can be used on mosquito bites, which is a major perk for me, as I’m always stung very badly (on top of that, I’m very allergic to mosquito bites and will swell up).

Seriously have nothing bad to say, maybe my only remark is that I’m a bit too addicted and that I’m keeping my fingers crossed I won’t run out before my holiday begins. Damn you compact sized products. So much for my new mantra…

Have you tried anything like SAMPAR Prodigal Pen?


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