Summer Body Prep

I’m one of those girls that keep talking about going to the gym to tone up or get fit, but never end up getting there. Why? That’s because I don’t want to spend 60-80 quid on a monthly gym membership, when I could use that same money to buy, well… beauty products?!  So, yes: my Summer body prep is completely cost-effective and exercise-free while still being able to tone up (though you’d see faster, better results when you pair this with exercise). I’m talking about dry skin brushing.

Dry skin brushing has become very popular over the years and is actually proven to be very effective and healthy. As you might know, the skin is our body’s largest organ and is responsible for 1/4 of the body’s detoxification a day. What you’re supposed to do is brush in upward movements, start from your ankles, and always brush towards your heart as your blood flows the same direction. When doing your legs and arms, you should use long and firm strokes.

These movements will increase the circulation to the skin, meaning it could reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is toxic material accumulated in your body’s fat cells, which you can break down by dry skin brushing. Besides reducing cellulite, it also helps shed dead skin cells (and encourages cell renewal), resulting in smoother (dimple free) and brighter skin. It should help getting rid of ingrown hairs as well, which I haven’t noticed yet, but will keep you updated. And if these reasons are not enough to get started, it also improves vascular blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, rejuvenating the nervous system, tone muscles, even distribution of fat deposits and eliminate clogged pores.

Picking the right brush for the task is rather complex, as there are many brushes on the market that claim to be the perfect ‘body brush’. Ideally it should be a bath-type brush. It is essential that it’s made of natural bristles and not synthetic ones, as the later will scratch the surface of the skin and is harsh, irritating on the skin. The brush used should be a long-handled, bath-type brush. It is essential that it contain natural bristles and not synthetic ones. Synthetic bristles will scratch the surface of the skin and are harsh and irritating. My Body Brush is from Aromatheraphy Associates, which is made of 100% natural cactus and is sturdy and has a good grip.

Do keep in mind that while doing this routine, your skin should not turn red. If this does happen, it means you’re putting too much pressure. The idea is to stimulate the skin, not irritating it. What I found more soothing (i.e. less painful) is to rub myself in with Caudalie Divine Oil first, let it sit for a minute or two and then start brushing. Always do it before you shower, as you then rinse off all dead skin cells and other gunk you’ve just brushed out.

Have you ever tried dry skin brushing, would you ever consider it?


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