Unspoken Beauty Bits

We all know that most beauty blogs cover the glamorous part of the beauty world, i.e. make up, creams, masks, treatments, beautiful products to talk about. However, we all cannot live without the less interesting and glamorous beauty bits. I’m very guilty of not mentioning those and after Anna started to open up on the unspoken beauty bits, I thought I might as well jump ship and share mine with you.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix
Originally meant for men, The Cool Fix is a treatment of gelly consistency that you apply post-shave/hair removal. Applying this should prevent ingrown hairs, target razor bumps, razor burn and redness. This may or may not sting a tiny bit (as it contains alcohol to disinfect) and is safe to use on the legs, under arms and ‘bikini area’. I found this to really help to soothe my skin and I did notice less ingrown hairs. I’m keeping faith.

JASON Deodorant Stick in Nourishing Apricot*
I don’t sweat much and deodorant is not something I could bother with a few years back. In order to not get any clam armpits any deodorant will do, but as I have a gas mask, I tend to stray away from the spray deodorants. Having read that your choice of deodorant can actually lead to ‘bacne’ (back-acne), I came to JASON. A pure, natural deodorant stick with a slight apricot scent. It’s ‘nasties-free’ and does the job just fine – no sweaty (and sticky) pits for me. Hallelujah! 

Liz Earle Foot Repair Moisturiser
I’m very guilty of not looking after my feet very well, especially when they are hid in shoes. So as soon as the sun comes out, I always get a mini panic attack and start prepping my feet for sandals and peep-toe shoes. For some reason the heel of my feet are always very dry and I’ve tried many creams and potions over the years. This number from Liz Earle has been able to keep my heels looking moisturized and public worthy, without making me slip out of my shoes.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer
Every girl needs a pair of tweezers. Be it Tweezerman or Boots home brand, it’s bloody necessary. I’m no pro with tweezers or brow shaping, actually I’m quite horrible, but am capable to just maintain the shape and take out the odd hair. The other things, not so much. But that’s why we have brow bars and brow pro’s (HD Brows is my definite favorite, non-biased of course). Tweezerman’s are just great because of their durability, and sharpness making it very easy to grab that particular hair out. A great plus is that they will sharpen your Tweezers for free, for as long as it works.

Tangle Teezer Compact
I’ve only discovered this since I moved to London. As I have very straight hair, I just run my fingers through my hair and done. No hassle at all and didn’t think the Tangle Teezer would be of use to me. Wrong. It’s amazing as it just combs out the odd tangle in my hair without pulling them out. Totally pain free and leaving the hair non-static, which most hair brushes don’t. I’m not one to carry this with me on-the-go, but I think the compact version is just fine for my hair (and length). It also has a plastic cap that protects the bristles from bending if you do take it out on an outing.

What are your ‘unspoken beauty bits’?


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