What I’ve Been Loving (June 2013)

June has made me realize how much I actually love and appreciate living in London. Though I’ve been living in (small) towns ever since I’ve been little, I’m a big city girl at heart. I love the energy, the accessibility of basically everything, being among the crowds (hate weekends on Oxford Street though) and just love that there are so many things to do – anywhere, any time. This will be my last favorites reporting from London – huge sob – and this will be my last week in the UK. Major squeal, what happened to the time? Without further rambling, the bits I’ve been loving lately…

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
If you’ve been following my recent posts, you know I’ve been dealing with major (hormonal) breakouts lately. Currently it’s calmed down a lot and it’s recovering very well, thanks to my recent changes in my skincare routine and mainly thanks to Mario Badescu. It’s just been an amazing spot treatment that really worked on my blemishes – reduced the size, swelling, inflammation without drying the skin out. Meaning that concealer could actually conceal the spot instead of enhancing.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Long Lasting Tan Mousse
The weather in London has been very weird, with the odd sunshine spell, calling for emergency fake tan. As the rest of my body (see: arms and feet) tan very fast, I would just look ridiculously strange with bare, milky pale legs. Their pHenomenal range claims to last for 2 – 3 weeks, more 2-3 days on me as it washes off very easily on me. The reason why I’ve been loving this, this month is because it’s very quick to apply and dries very quickly. Perfect for a quick rub before I run out of the door.

DHC Cleansing Oil
I’ve only realized I really liked this since I’ve ran out of it. It’s a yellow-ish cleansing oil, which I use as my pre-cleanse to get all the make up and gunk from my face. While rubbing this on, I use this time to give a mini facial massage and rinse it off with cold water. It leaves your skin clean, not the squeaky kind, and leaves no residue behind. After this I follow with a cleanser of my choice – be it a balm, gel or bar.

Viridian Nail & Cuticle Oil*
Besides hair and legs, cuticles are my other obsession. I just can’t stand dry and chapped cuticles and unfortunately I’m one that suffers from the latter, which drives me absolutely mental. This oil has been a treat for my cuticles and nails, as it contains a combination of beautiful organic oils that have been very nourishing. Leaving my cuticles groomed, healthy and most importantly: presentable.

What have been your favorites this month?


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